Course description

English language 2 is a core course at the undergraduate level of English studies at the Department of English, University of Rijeka.

The objectives of the course are for students to:

  1. Deepen their knowledge about the English language by studying linguistic phenomena

    Linguistic phenomena will be explored from both a theoretical perspective and a practical one. Studied theoretical considerations will be further analyzed through instances found in authentic texts (short stories, magazine articles).

  2. Enrich their vocabulary

    The objective of this course is to help students develop strategies of acquiring new vocabulary, through exploring authentic texts, as well as textbook material that will be presented in class.

  3. Develop their reading and speaking skills

    One of the key points of this course is to develop reading and skills. Exploring and producing academic language (vocabulary and structures) within thematic units will take place on a weekly basis, culminating in the production of a complete in-class assignment (summary). Speaking skills lessons will focus on the usage of academic language, as well as the organization and delivery of presentations.


Language Workshop

Group A

Tuesday 10:15 – 11:45 (students studying Croatian, German, Italian and Art History)

Group B

Tuesday 12:15 – 13:45 (students studying Philosophy, Pedagogy, History and Computer Science)


Group A

Wednesday 11:15 – 12 (students studying Philosophy, Pedagogy, History and Computer Science)

Group B

Tuesday 13:15 – 14 (students studying Croatian, German, Italian and Art History)

Additional info

  • Classes will begin punctually. Attendance will be taken.
  • You should account for absences. Transportation, employment conflicts, and family obligations are your personal responsibility.
  • Any instances of plagiarism will be reported to the Ethics Committee at once.
  • If you miss a class, you must come to the next class with notes you have received from a fellow student. If the missed class includes exercises, you must also bring those completed exercises.
  • Late work will not be accepted.
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